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Vizag Tourism & Sightseeing

Visakhapatnam (Vizag) is a beautiful place filled with rich wildreness and beaches. City is also called as City of Destiny. It will be a memorable trip in and around vizag city. There are many wonderful beaches, million years old Borra Caves, rich coffee plantaions, deep rich green Araku Valley, thousands of years old hertige sites to visit. Below you can find our guide to your worderful trour of lovely city of destiny "Vizag".

Beaches & Clubs Araku & Borra Caves Kailashgiri Hill Station Zoo Park
Simhachalam Buddhist Heritage Places Erra Matti Dibbalu Tour Packages

Vizag Beaches -   Top
Ramakrishna (R.K) Beach, Beach Road  R.K beach as it commonly called, is one of the best tourist spots in Vizag.

The beaches of Vizag enthrall the tourists and the clean becahes attract tourist in great numbers.

Swimming, sun bathing, playing the beach volleybal or simply sitting under the cool shade of a tree and reading a book are the favorite pastime of many.

vizag beach roadIt is a great picnic spot to spend the time with your loved ones. Rama Krishna beach is favorite beach resort for tourists visiting Vizag. it is Vizag's favorite evening sojourn.

An Aquarium, the kali temple, Visakha Museum, Submarine Museum INS Karasura, roadside restaurants offering seafood are the other attractions at this beautiful beach.

VUDA Park:
Vuda Park Light HouseVuda or Taraka Rama Park, located on the Sun and Sea beach next to RK. Beach has boating and swimming facilities, a roller skating rink, artificial caves, beautiful long lawns, flower gardens and a children's park. The Playpen for children here has plastic balls and boxing bags. There is also a Musical Fountain.

Bheemili Beach, Bheemili Road
Bheemli  Bheemili Beach is around 24 km from the city. It is one of the oldest beaches in the vizag distrist. You can visit old 17th century dutch and french cemetery. You can take a boat ride in salt Lake located here. It's a pleasent ride from the city crusing along the beach and green hills. The beautiful beach at Bheemili is considered to be one of the safest and calmest for swimmers. The beach and invigorating climate coupled with the pleasantness provided by the lush green palm groves makes it a popular sea side resort. There is a small shrine on the top of a hill dedicated to Lord Narasimha.

Yarada Beach, Yarada   It is one of the beautiful beaches at Vizag, its around 20 km from the city located at Yarada village, one has pass through dolphoin nose hill. One can enjoy serene surroundings.

Rushikonda Beach, Rushikonda  Rushikonda - 8km from Vizag, it is ideal for swimmers, water skiers, and wind surfers. It is a golden, unspoilt beach, washed by the sun-warmed sea. Tourists can enjoy a holiday in picturesque settings. There is PUNAMI Resort and restaurant of APTDC at the top of a hill near this beach. Bookings can be done from the office of APTDC. On the way to Rushikonda one can see many resorts and hotels by the side of the sea.

Other beaches around the city are:
Appikonda Beach, Steel Plant
Gangavaram Beach, Steel Plant
Lawson's Bay Beach, Lawson'sbay colony ext.
Konda Karla Ava, Achyutapuram

East Point Golf Club
East Point Golf ClubThe East Point Golf Club (EPGC) is one of the oldest golf clubs in Andhra Pradesh, situated about 8 Kms out North on the outskirts of Visakhapatnam. It has a picturesque setting flanked by the evergreen forest-covered Eastern Ghats range and the Mudasarlova Lake.

Accessible by a winding road that runs through the sleepy little hamlet of Arilova, the Golf Club provides the much needed lung space to the citizens of Visakhapatnam and ensures a beautiful green Oasis-haven for a leisurely paced game of golf. The 72 par, 110 acres golf links has a spectacular course that would delight golfers at all levels with its 18 holes laid out on an undulating landscape, dotted with trees, valleys and water bodies. A row of tall palm trees stand as silent sentinels just across from the Club House and the course leads right up to the foot of the ancient hills that keep benign watch over the players.

The East Point Golf Club which was started way back in the year 1884 by a small band of enthusiastic golfers, has come a long way and is constantly in the process of upgrading its facilities to meet the ever-growing demands of a population that shows awareness and interest in a good game of golf. It is our endeavor to live up to our city's expectations and to develop the golf links as a unique landmark fully utilizing its natural resources and magnificent backdrop.

Location & Adress:
East Point Golf Club, Mudasarlova, Visakhapatnam., Phone : 0891 - 2530698, 2794301, Mobile: 9000017152, E - mail :

Araku Valley & Borra Caves -   Top

Araku Valley is located at 120 km from Vizag and 30 km north from Borra caves. It is also called as Andhra Ooty. It is located at 1300 meters above the sea level. Imagine a deep valley, where lush greenery is accompained by shimmering waters of gorpes.

Araku valley is essentially such a place. Where the scenery exactly goes with your mind's eye. Some attrations not to be missed on your trip to Araku Valley are Dumuku View Point, Padmapuram Botanical Gardens, Tribal Museum, Tida Tunnel, Governament Silk Farm and Mulberry Gardens. From Various viewpoints, you can behold the heavenly vista of the profound valley.

Katiki waterfalls at Araku ValleyThe wonderful landscape seems to be the straight cout of a fairytale.

Also on the way to Araku Valley you can stop by at Jungle Bells resort at Tyda, it has nice cottages, cafeteria and in evening one can enjoy tribal traditional Dimsa dance. You can reach there by train and road.

At Araku Valley there is another bearthtaking water falls known as 'Katiki Water falls' named after Katiki, the place where it is located. The waterfall is about 50 ft high and lies around 4 km away from Borra Caves. Katiki Waterfalls originate from the Gosthani River and contains greenery and clear water in its vicinity.

Considered as the most beautiful waterfalls of Araku Valley, the surroundings of this water fall is very popular for trekking activities. At the foot of the waterfall there is a pool formation. During the summer season, Katiki Waterfalls however remain dry.

Borra Caves
On the way to Araku, located are Borra Caves situated at about 56 miles north of Vizag. Which are more then million years old. They are natuarlly formed limestone caves. There are 3 levels in the caves. Only the center level is allowed for visitors, other two levels are restricted due to security issues. The caves, at a height of 1400 mts above sea level and occupying an area of 2 square kilometers is filled with fascinating stalagmite and stalactite formations of calcium deposits. The Gosthani river flows through the caves between the formations. The caves were discovered in1807 by William King George of the Geological Survey of India.

Among the formations can be found a 'Shivalingam' and an idol of a cow (Kamadhenu) which has given a religious significance to it. The caves are beautiful and are brightly illuminated. The best time to visit the caves is November- December. The Train journey from Vizag to the caves through the thick vegetation of the Eastern ghats is splendid. Don't miss this amazing caves on the way to Araku Valley.

Kailashgiri Hill -   Top
Kailasgiri hill is most visited tourist spots in Vizag. It is located around 9 km from railway station.

It has a roap way to go to top. On the hill you can find children parks, Train raids, view points, picnic spots which will give you excellent view of Vizag City.

It is a beautiful hilltop with excellent view of sea and city below, it is one of the must visit places at Vizag.

Ride to Kailashgiri Hilltop

Zoological Park -   Top
Vizag Zoological ParkThe Zoo park covers an area of 625 acres. It is presently one of the largest zoo located in the natural settings of a reserve forest about 4 km. from the Visakhapatnam railway station on the National Highway at Mathurawada.

Nearly eighty species of animals numbering to about eight hundred are present in the zoo. The Zoo Park has different sections for primates, carnivores, lesser carnivores, small mammals, reptiles, ungulates, and birds.

Primates: This section houses various species of monkeys - the common Langur, Rhesus monkey, Bonnet Monkey and other exotic fauna like Mandrills, Olive Baboons and Sacred Baboons.

Carnivores: This section has Panthers, Tigers, Lions, Pumas, Jaguars and lesser carnivores like the Wolves, Jackals, Wild Dogs, Hyenas, etc.,

The Himalayan Black Bear and the Sloth Bear are housed in large moated enclosures.

The Hippopotamus is a special attraction at the zoo. The Crocodile Complex has all the three Indian Crocodile species.

Reptiles: The Reptile section has Pythons, Snakes, Land Tortoises, Terrapins, Water Monitor Lizards, Monitor Lizards etc.,

Herbivores: Elephant, Bison, Sambar, Spotted Deer and Thamin Deer are in the collection.

Aves: A varied collection of birds from the Eastern Ghats in the large walk-through aviaries is a special attraction of the zoo. The Grey Pelicans, Rosy Pelicans, Pied Horn Bills, Painted Storks, Peacocks, Ducks, Love Birds, Budgerigars and Cockateels form the bird collection of the Zoo.

Timings:Timings 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The Zoo is open round the year on all weekdays except Monday.

Contact: Curator Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Visakhapatnam - 530 040

AP Tourism operates regular sightseeing buses to Araku, also many local taxi and tour operators can take you there.

Simhachalam - Temple of Lord Varaha Narasimha -   Top
simhachalamSimhachalam - the hill of the lion is located at a distance of 18 km from Visakhapatnam refers to the 11th century temple of Lord Narasimha - an incarnation of Vishnu. Millions of devotees from round the world visit this temple every year. The presiding deity here is Varaha Lakshminarasimha, combining the iconographic features of Varaha and Narasimha. The image resembles a Shivalingam covered with sandal paste. It is only once a year, during the Chandana Visarjana that the sandal paste is removed, and the image is seen by pilgrims. The artwork here has elements of similarity with that of Konark. Elephants, flowers and plants are portrayed in plenty. The outer walls of the sanctum depict images of a royal personality (said to be King Narasimha) in various postures. The Kalyana Mandapa within the temple has 16 pillars with bas relief depicting the incarnations of Vishnu.

Noteworthy features of the temple: This temple boasts of a beautiful stone chariot drawn by horses. The Kalyana Mandapa within the temple has 16 pillars with bas reliefs depicting the incarnations of Vishnu. Narasimha, the man lion incarnation of Vishnu is seen in several depictions throughout the temple.

The artwork here has elements of similarity with that of Konark. Elephants, flowers and plants are portrayed in plenty. The outer walls of the sanctum depict images of a royal personality (said to be King Narasimha) in various postures.

Buddhist Heritage Places -   Top
ThotlakondaBuddhist Heritage places in and around Vizag There are several Buddhist complexes in around Vizag. The well known are, Bojjana Konda, situated nearer to Anakapalle nearly 45 Kms from Vizag.

Thotla Konda and Bhavi Konda are nearer to Rishikonda beach of Visakhapatnam. These places have the ruins of the then used items by Buddhists.

Lies almost 15 kms. from Visakha city on the Bheemili beach road.A hillock overlooking the sea at an elevation of 128 mts. above the sea level.

History :
You can find Hinayana Buddhist Complex dating back to 300 B.C. It Was an ideal attraction for the Buddhist monks to build a monastery complex. It came to light during an aerial survey by the Indian Navy to setup a Naval Base. State Archeological Department conducted excavations during the period 1988 - 1993. Rock cut troughs for water storage probably to the name of "ThotlaKonda".

Tourism Importance:
The site has rich archeological importance. The location of the site with its vast flat land at the top of the hillock provides scope for uninhibited development. Overlooking the vast expanse of the still sea giving a panoramic view.    Know about Wonder Rock Tubs at Thotlakonda

Erra Matti Dibbalu -   Top
Erramatti DibbaluErra Matti Dibbalu, translated into Telugu means red mud hillocks.

These are the natural ravines, formed over the years due to wind currents and soil erosion. Located at Bheemili, these hills are a popular locale for film shootings and weekend escape place for those who love adventure and thrills.

The dunes consist of sand, clay and silt.

It is around 18 km from the main city. Near by to this location you can find Eastern Naval Command Base, Kalinga.

Tour Packages from Visakhapatnam -   Top

Dep.9 a.m. Arr.5 p.m.
Daily Places covered Kailashgiri, Simhachalam Temple, Thotla Konda, Boating at Fishing Harbour, Rishi Konda Beach, Visaka Museum, Sub Marine Museum & Lepakshi
Emporium (Visaka & Sub Marine Museum Closed on Monday)
FARE : Adult Rs.300/- Child : Rs. 240/-
Boating Charges Extra. Includes Lunch & Entry Fees
Dep. 6.00 am Arr. 9.00 pm
Daily (one day tour) Araku Via Borra Caves, Rail cum road
FARE : Adult Rs. 650/- Child : Rs. 550/-
Including Transport by Train & Bus, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Snacks
Dep. 6.00 am Arr. 9.00 pm (Next day)
Daily (Two days tour) Araku Via Borra Caves, Rail cum road
FARE : With A/c suite Adult Rs. 2200/- Child : Rs. 1760/-
FARE : With Non A/c Room Adult Rs. 1900/- Child : Rs. 1500/-
FARE : With Deluxe Room Adult Rs. 1500/- Child : Rs. 1200/-
Including One day accommodation at Araku, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Snacks & Train Fare
FARE : Adult Rs. 3100/- Child : Rs. 2500/-
Includes transport by non-AC Hitech, Papikondalu boating, accommodation and food
Day-1 Friday
10.00 PM Dep: from Visakhapatnam and proceed to Pattiseema
DAY-2 Saturday
04.00 AM Arrival at Pattiseema (Fresh-up at Dormitory)
08.00 AM On-board Haritha Boat with country breakfast and proceed to Papikondalu package
01.00 PM Lunch (Vegetarian Thali)
07.00 PM Return to Pattiseema. Dep: to Dindi by Bus
09.30 PM Arrival at Coconut Country Resorts
Accommodation on twin sharing basis
10.00 PM Dinner (Veg.Buffet) Night halt
DAY-3 Sunday
08.00 AM River Cruise on House Boat and breakfast
10.00 AM Check-out and proceed to Antharvedi Darshan
Visit to Light House & Sea Confluence
01.00 PM Return to Dindi - Veg.Buffet Lunch
02.00 PM Proceed to Pasarlapudi Lanka/Ambajipeta
Visit to Coconut Research Centre, Agri-farms etc.
Proceed to Adurru Buddhist site
04.30 PM Dep. to Visakhapatnam
10.00 PM Arrival: Visakhapatnam
Dep. 7.00 am Arr. 9.00 pm
FARE : Adult Rs.500/- Child : Rs.400/-
Transportation only
Dep. 9.00 pm Arr. 6.00 am
FARE One way : Adult Rs. 350/- Child Rs.280/-
Transportation only
Dep.6.30 p.m. Arr.6.00 a.m. (on Monday)
(Every Friday) Non A/C Hi-Tech 3 Days tour, Covers Nandankaanan, Zoo, Siddeshwar Temple, Muktheshwar, Lingaraj Temple Konark, Puri, Pipli, Chilika Lake
FARE : Adult Rs. 1650/- Child : Rs. 1320/-
Inclusive of Accommodation
Dep.7.00 a.m. Arr.7.00 a.m.(on Monday)
(Every Friday) 3 Days Tour covers Mutchkhand Project, Duduma water falls, Jeypur, Kutub Shah Caves, Balaji Temple etc.
FARE : By Non A/c Coach - Adult Rs.3200/- Child : Rs. 2600/-
FARE : By Qualis - Adult Rs.3700/- Child : Rs. 3000/-
Includes Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
ARASAVALLI TOUR (on demand):
Non A/C Hi-Tech Tour Covers Srikakulam, Srimukhalingam, Salihundam
FARE : Adult Rs.400/- Child : Rs.320/-
Inclusive of Accommodation
3 Days Tour, Dep. (Saturday) Arr. 5.00 am (Monday)
FARE : Adult Rs. 1300/- Child : Rs.1040/-
Inclusive of Accommodation

Note: Tariff subject to change without prior notice.

AP Tourism Vizag Contcats

Regional Tourist Information Bureau
Tourist Information officer
Vuda Building, Siripuram
Visakhapatnam - 530 003
Phone : 0891-2754716

Central Reservation Office, Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, RTC Complex, Visakhapatnam. Ph: (0891) 2788820 Fax: (0891) 2788822
Information & Reservation Office, Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, Railway Station, Visakhapatnam. Ph: (0891) 2788821

Accommodation Information:
Currently AP Tourism run Haritha Hill Resort and Haritha Valley Resort at Araku Valley have 130 rooms, Ananthagiri 28 rooms, Tyda 18 Rooms, Rushikonda 58 rooms and Yatri Nivas at MVP Colony Beach Road 47 rooms.

Apart from these one can easily find their stay many places in Vizag City and Araku ranging from 5 Star Hotels to Budget Hotels.   Top

Note: Above contact numbers may change from time to time, so some of above provided numbers may not be current.