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Welcome to Vizag City Highlights, here you can find and submit details of Vizag city highlights, issues, problems people facing, pollution and traffic problems. You can also tell us about problems you are facing in your locality. we will highlight your cause and help in getting the problem solved by concerned authorities.

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Deadly Manhole at MVP Double Road - Near Taskforce police Station
Dadly manhole at MVP Double road August 12, MVP Colony, Vizag: The Manhole at MVP Colony Double Road near Task Force Police station is causing many accidents.

It is right on the road at the left side edge beside A.S. Raja College and many bikers and car riders are falling into it during night even when the headlights are on due to grass around it and no visible warning sign.

Many commuters are facing severe problems with this manhole and they are all requesting GVMC (Municipal Authorities to cover this manhole and save the lives of riders and commuters.

BOV will make all efforts to take this to concerned officers notice and also We request those who read this article and who are in capacity to take it to concerned authorities to please do the needful help to take immediate action and cover up this manhole and also other manhole on roads in the city.

Article and Photos Submitted by Madhu, MVP Colony, Vizag.

Stray Dogs Wandering at Vizag Collector Office Grievance Cell, June 06, 2011      Top
Viag Stray DogsJune 08, Vizag: Vizag city hit by stray-dog menace as most hospitals lack rabies vaccine.

Vizag is shaking with stray dogs menace. Stray dogs population have increased to thousands in recent days. They are lead cause for road accidents, attack bites, and also leading to deaths in accidents due to these stray dogs. Vizagites are experiencing severe problems with these stray dogs mainly at night and during day time people are afraid of letting children play in grounds, beaches and parks due to these dogs.

They requested municipal officials to take action now and help get rid of these dogs. It is a good measure to stop killing animals but letting them on loose in city streets are causing severe problems, so GVMC should take measures to leave these dogs outside city limits and conduct birth control operations for these stray dogs and also make availability of vaccines in Govt hospitals.

Even the Collector's Office is occupied with these stray dogs. City Citizens are very worried about this and seeking Collector's help in getting rid of these dogs.

Visakha District Collector Mr. J.Shyamala Rao is known for his development works and initiatives towards City welfare and hope he will help in solving this stray dog menace in the city.

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