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Power Star Gabbar Singh Movie Review       Top
Pawan KalyanMay 11, Vizag:
Movie Title: Gabbar Singh
Banner: Parameswari Arts
Main Lead: Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Hassan
Producer: Bandla Ganesh
Director: Harish Shankar
Other Cast: Kota Srinivas, Bhramanandam, Ali, Ajay, Rao Ramesh, Abimanyu Singh, Nagineedu, Venkat, Suhasini, Mallika Arora
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Gabbar Singh is a remake of Hindi blockbuster hit movie Daabaang starring Bollywood Muscleman Salman Khan.
Kameswari theatre, Vizag I saw this movie today in Kameswari Theatre in Maddilapalem, Vizag.

Whole theatre is jam packed with audience and fans of Pawan Kalyan. Usually we won’t see much ladies on opening day but what I found is there are huge groups.

As I got my ticket booked in advance, I didn’t face any hurdles but there are many fans at the entrance enquiring for tickets. This shows the enthusiasm of fans of Power Star who are waiting for a long time for a hit from Pawan.

As soon as I entered the theatre, I can see cheerful audience waiting eagerly for show to begin.

Going in to the story:
Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Hassan The movie starts with backdrop of Kondaveedu Village with lovely hills and greenery all around. Then the focus goes on the family of Suhasini who is window with a son (Venkat Ratnam Naidu Played by director Puri’s Son as the young Gabbar Singh) married for second time to a widower Mr. Naidu (played by Nagineedu) who already has a son. Suhasini’ s son is who is elder to his step father’s son (played by Ajay)

Venkat Naidu was always ill treated by his step father and with this Venkat develops negative feeling on him and with one incident he leaves the house and studies in a hostel.

Few years passes by and coming to present day in Kondaveedu village, a huge bank robbery takes place where the dacoits loots the co-operative bank and goes away with the loot and when villagers approaches police for their help they says there is no need for us go as there is already a person who is on that duty…then comes the entrance of the Power Star Pawan Kalyan..Whole theatre is filled with whistles and dances and cheers of the fans. Gabbar Singh (played by Pawan Kalyan) is the circle inspector of the Kondaveedu area. He chases down the goons and recovers the money and distributes it to the owners.

Then comes the entrance of the Villain of the movie, the Sidappa Naidu (Played by Abimanyu Singh). Sidappa is a ruthless rich local goon who rose from a local goon to a political party youth leader. Bank robbery was the act of his henchmen. With the news of bank robbery been foiled by Gabbar Singh, he gets pissed off and then starts tussle between him and Police C.I Gabbar Singh.

And in incident while police are chasing gamblers in the village, Gabbar Singh enters a house to search and sees Bhagya Lakshmi (played by Shruti Hassan) and falls in love with her in first sight and tries his best to get her but Bhagya turns out to be a stubborn girl and once when Gabbar approaches her with the marriage proposal, she rejects saying that she won’t marry anybody in her life due to her drunken father (played by Kota) whom she has to take care.

And the rest is how Gabbar Singh faces the local goon Sidappa and how he gets his dream girl. Which of course you to watch to know….

Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Hassan Pawan Kalyan: Power Star is at his best in this movie; one will remember his blockbuster hits Jalsa and Kushi movies. His acting is superb. His dances are far better than his earlier flicks, his mannerism , excellent dialogue delivery and fights are amazing. His acting and action will be a feast for his fans and general audience for sure.
Shruti Hassan: She is simply amazing in this flick, she play the role of village girls who runs a handicrafts shop. Her looks will mesmerize the audience , she is sexy and cute. Her dance moves in Dil Se song will woo the male audience for sure. She did a excellent role in this flick. She will be very happy for bagging her first hit with this movie.

Abimanyu Singh: His acting as Sidappa is good, he mannerism and acting is fine, only little things that could have been taken care is his dubbing. One won’t see the Abimanyu of Rakta Charitra (Where he mesmerized the audience with his looks and acting). He also looks like put on little weight.
Suhasini, Nagineedu, Ajay as family of Pawan are ok.
Bhramanandam Bhramanandam: who plays the role of a banker, makes the audience go gala with his comedy and acting in this flick for sure.
Ali: Plays the role of Constable Samba and is good.
Kota: His role is short lived as a alcoholic addict is ok. His Song Mandubabulam Babu will entertain the audience for sure.
Rao Ramesh: Plays the role of a minister and is ok.
Mallika Arora: She is the dancer for the song Kevvu Keka which is a super hit song already. Her casting for this song is a bad idea, she lacked her sexy appealing looks in this movie, her figure is very thin and it’s for sure won’t go well with the audience. It is heard that the producer has spent nearly one crore rupees on her which is really waste. But the Song is superb.

Devi Sri Prasad (DSP): Devi gave a superb music for this movie, all songs are superb hit). Starting Song ‘Gabbar Singh’ by Baba Segal and Dilse, Kevu Keka, Akasame Ammayee are all excellent.

- Entrance of Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) and the first Fight
- All-in-One acting (comedy, serious, wicked, sentiment) by Pawan Kalyan
- Shruti Hassan’s looks and acting
- Brahmi’s comedy
- Tribal Exhibition Fight
- Police Station Antakshari Comedy scene (Don’t miss this friends….)
- Photography , Music, Screen Play are highlights.

- Screen Play gets little slow in the second half and ending seems to be ended with not much intensity
- Casting Mallika Arora in Kevu Keka song, she looks aged and very slim, her casting is really a bad idea in this flick, someone like the one who acted in Business Man or Panjaa club songs would have been a perfect fit. Spending nearly 1 crore on Mallika is a waste.
- Another small thing that Director could have paid attention is to Police Uniform of Pawan Kalyan, he wears a Sub-Inspector uniform throughout the movie but his role in the movie is of Circle Inspector. Other than that there are no other major glitches in this flick which you can pinpoint.

This flick is a big relief for Pawan Kalyan and his fans as well, yes after continuous flops with Komaram Puli, Panjaa, Teenmaar after Jalsa, Power Star is back with his Power. This movie will go well with all sects of audience and will entertain you for sure and will also make you feel like watching for second time. We can say that this is in fact one and only movie in this season which really attracts mass, family and youth audience.

Director, Harish Shankar has done a great job in molding this flick. He has done 100% justice. The credit for the success of this flick goes to three people, Pawan Kalyan, Harish Shankar and Devi Sri Prasad. Harish has taken good care by changing the story and scenes from original Hindi flick, these changes are well crafted that suited the Telugu audiece.

GO WATCH THIS MOVIE in theatres near You Today! 100% justice will be done on each penny you have spent watching.       Click here for Gabbar Singh Trailers

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5     Click here to Submit Your Review

Dammu Movie Review      Top
Dammu movie April 27, Vizag:
Movie Title: Dammu
Starring: NTR,Trisha, Karthika
Director: Boyapati Srinu
Producer :Alexander Vallabha
Music Director : Keervani
Other Characters: Ali, Suman, Naazar, Kota Srinivas, Venu, Tanekalla Bharani, Abhinaya, Bhanu Priya Subhalekha Sudhakar , Sushant Kareem , Sree Ram Simhateja.

The much hyped movie of Nandamuri Young Tiger Junior NTR’s movie Dammu released today , worldwide in record number theatres. Alone in Karnataka it released in 150 theatres.

Check out complete and detailed analysis and review of Dammu Movie:
Today after hearing morning show talk, I went to noon show in Jyothee Theatre in Vizag. As usual the first day crowds are seen in out of the theatres. Tickets got sold out for all shows in advance.

Can see eagerness on NTR fans faces to watch this movie.

Going into the story:
Background of story, there is a village where two royal families( Suman, Naazar) are neck to neck for supremacy and in this process, Naazar kills every male in Suman’s family and he rules that area since then and kills all new born male children of Suman’s royal family supporters in order to destroy the enemy completely.

And then after 25 years…the present day....

The movie started with a call from a underworld don to a industrialist demanding ransom but the industrialist rejects and the next scene is two concrete trucks hits his body guards cars blowing them several foot high in the air, one can immediately feel the Boyapati style of taking…blowing cars, Scorpio’s and men in to air is usual style of Boyapati movies.

The industrialist runs for his life seeking everyone he meets on road to help him none helps him and in this process he goes in to corporate office compound and goons surrounds him are about to kill him…but suddenly you will see thunders and clouds in air following by a foot steps and that guy jumping from the 5th floor breaking to wind glasses and this is none other than Nadamuri Young Tiger Junior NTR, he jumps directly on the Scorpio and vehicle completely gets smashed and goons surrounding the vehicle flies several foot up in the air and lands on their backs breaking their bones…

NTR With entry of NTR whole theatre is filled with claps, whistles, paper pieces flying all over the theatre.

Jr. NTR (as Vijaya Dhwaja Sri Simha) is orphan raised in the city and he makes money by taking risk in helping people, in this process he saves a industrialist and gets 25 lacs INR for saving his life. He has a Friend played by Ali whom Vijay calls and tells him that he got 25 lacs today and with this he has 63 Lakh rupees and says he can get 30,000 interest every month and with this he want settle down in life by marrying a cute girl and with 30,000 every month they can live happily. And as he says these words, he sees the first heroine of the movie, Trisha (as Satya). He then follows Satya and with little effort and heroism Staya falls for Vijay and when he asks her to marry, she says that she is daughter of 6000 crore business man (played by Subhalekha Sudhakar) and she can only marry a person with rich family.

So Vijay lies to Satya and says that his family is rich and soon he will get his family to meet his dad. In this Process, Vijay friend Ali says that there is a secret survey going on to select and adopt an heir to rich Royal Family. So they meet the Royal Family secretary (played by Bhramanandam) and he get them meet the Royal Family head (Kota Srinivas Rao). Kota selects him and adopts him and tells him not to tell anyone that he is adopted and take Vijay to his village and introduces to everyone as the heir of Suman Royal Family. And Vijay meets all the family members of Kota, his b-I-law (played by Hero Venu), Vijay’s mother (played by Bhanu Priya), her 3 sisters (elder sister played by Abhinaya). And the enters his uncle ( played by Ahuthi Prasad) who is blind and his daughter, the second heroine Neelaveni (played by Karthika).

Naazar comes to know about the arrival of Vijay and he plots to kill Vijay in a open battle in front of all villagers but after knowing this Vijay who is dead against killing people tries to go away from the village but a twist in the story makes him stay back..then rest is how Vijay fights Naazar and how he wins back the lost pride of Suman’s Family.


Abhinaya NTR: He is very handsome in this flick and after a long gap he is seen in the role which he played similar to that in Adhi and Simhadhri. His dances , dialogues and acting is very good.
Trisha: She lost her earlier charisma and she looked older then NTR and also she looked dull, even in her earlier movie Teenmaar also she looked old. She is definitely not a match for NTR in this flick and one can easily make it out that her selection for this flick is mismatch.
Karthika: She is ok , whole lot better than Trisha, her entrance gives some relief to viewers for sure.
Venu: for first time Venu who is seen after long gap played a supporting role in this flick. His acting is ok.
Naazar: His getup and makeup and his role as main villain is very good and his acting is very nice.
Kota: He played usual grandfather role and is ok.
Ali: Ali play the NTR’s friends role, I can say he is wasted in this flick, his usual comedy misses in this flick.
Bhramanandam: His role is brief and he is also wasted in this flick.
Suman: Suman entry is unexpected in this flick and one will wonder how he accepted this role in this movie. Have never seen Suman acting in such a wasted role, he has no importance and shown as a week and scared person, which is never seen in his earlier movies.
Bhanu Priya: She play the NTRs mother’s role and is ok.
Abhinaya: Her role as elder sister of NTR is good, she looks very cute and her acting is good, her presence brings some relief to audience.

Direction: After blockbuster hit Simha, Boyapati Srinivas gained huge craze in Tollywood and with this flick his popularity will definitely go down. His direction is very weak and un appealing.

Intresting things to notice in this Movie:

  • Certain dialogues where NTR criticizes on present government schemes , where he clearly throws satires on schemes started by late leader YSR. This brought few claps but also raised eyebrows of many people who are in favor of YSR. Can see and notice people whispering why NTR tried to say these silly things on screen.
  • Also there are many dialogues which shows NTRs interest in Politics, certain dialogues clearly indicates his eagerness and interest in politics. In One dialogue NTR says “ If people want me to enter politics , I will definitely enter active politics”
  • NTRs dances, acting and few dialogues
  • Couple of songs (Raja Vasi Reddy, Vaastu Bagunde- taking of the this song is very nice, with 4 females and NTR dancing together is visual feast)
  • First 20 minutes and 20 minutes before interval.
  • Some action scenes.

  • Weak and age old predictable story line.
  • Weak screen play and script.
  • Absence of comedy. And in some scenes director tried to get comedy but it will hardly make audience laugh.
  • Music is not that good , You can’t feel Keervani music in this movie. Songs are not good except Raja Vasi Reddy, Vaastu Bagunde. Biggest joke of this movie is song ‘Ruler’ and its taking, its worst, getup and costumes didn’t suit NTR at all and tune of the song is worst, you will be stunned to know that Keervani composed this.
  • Action scenes misses the rage and feel, they are completely very un appealing, all you can see is flying people and cars with just a touch of hand and shoulders ( in this movie most of the time NTR just fights with shoulders, yes he folds his hands behind and fights which is a joke and make audience crack jokes on the direction.
  • Trisha looks pale and aged and both of them look taller than NTR, Heroine’s selection is a wrong step, can hear everyone discussing about this in the theatre.
  • Ending of this movie is very weak

Verdict: This movie is strictly for diehard fans of Junior NTR ONLY and those who want to see him as their next TDP top leader. Entire movie carries dialogues where NTR gives hints about his political interest.

Movie will make non NTR fans feel bored after interval for sure, second half is not that appealing, Director tried to introduce family sentiment but failed in screen play and scripting is very weak.

The fights are not that good has mentioned above, misses the rage and feel. Over violent scenes will keep family audience away from this flick.

Final Say:
This flick is supposed to be a Mass Masala, family sentiment movie but director failed to live up to his words.

Go watch this movie ONLY if YOU are a DIE Hard FAN of Junior NTR , if not Avoid this movie watching in theatres because you will get bored after interval for sure.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5     Click here to Submit Your Review

Racha Movie Review      Top
Ram Charan, Tamanna Racha movieApril 05, Vizag: Ram Charan Teja,Tamanna starring Racha movie, the much awaited movie of Mega power Star "Cherry" a.k.a Charan has finally released today all over the world with huge fan fare.

Movie: Racha
Cast & Crew :- Ram Charan teja,Tamanna
Director :- Sampath nandi
Music :- Mani Sharma
Banner :- Mega Super Good Movies

The initial talk of the movie by first day movie goers is good. They are saying that the Ram Charan looks, body language and action is superb in this flick, while Tamanna is hot and performed her best in this movie.

Our say on this movie is, this is definitely a good movie for Charan after a disastrous Orange of Charan.

Charan, Tamanna racha There is a village called Rayadurgam. Raghupati (Nazar) and Suryanarayana (Parthiban), the two good friends of the village, get killed when they were discussing about a ritual to be held for the welfare of the village at the Rachabanda. Scene shifts to another place. Betting Raju (Ram Charan Teja) is the foster son of a couple (MS Narayana and Sudha). He ekes out his living by accepting challenges and winning the bets. Once he wins a car race with James (Ajmal).

At this juncture, Raju’s father suffers liver cancer and he needs a lot of money to save him. James comes to his rescue, who challenges Raju to win the heart of Chaitra (Tamanna) and take away Rs 20 lakh. Raju agrees to the challenge. Chaitra is the daughter of Ballari (Mukhesh Rushi), a mafia don. Raju starts luring Chaitra and succeeds in it to realise that her life is in threat and her don father is not her original father. However, the real story is something different. What is it? What is the relationship between Raju and Chaitra? Who killed Raghupati-Suryanarayana? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.

Ram Charan, Tamanna Charan is seen in all new vigor and looks, his action scenes are superb and as we said Tamanna is looking superb and sexy and we are sure that she will make the male audience go gala with her sexy steps in Vana Vana song.

Sameer Reddy’s cinematography is excellent, Background score and Music by Mani Sharma is very good. Movie photography is rich and keep you stick to the screens.

Fight sequences and songs are well captured and are defiantly a feast for fans of Charan and Tamanna.

Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers are very good.

Comedy by Bhrammi, Krishna Bagavan, Ali, Srinivas Reddy, Jayaprakash Reddy, Dharmavarpu Subramanyam is good and for sure will keep you laughing for a while.

Villain role by Mukesh Rishi and Kota Srinivasa Rao is good. Parthiban is brief but leaves an impact.

Screenplay, Story is little minus for this flick, screenplay is not that good and story is nothing new and is very predictable. Direction by Sampath Nadhi is not so good, he should have taken care of screenplay and editing.

Other than that the movie is very entertaining and is definitely a feast for Ram Charan and Tamanna Fans and other Mass Masala movie fans.

It is for sure that Charan will be very relieved with this movie as he is desperately waiting for a hit after disastrous Orange movie that brought huge losses to his Uncle Nagababu. We are not sure if this movie runs 100 days with full collections but for sure will fetch profits to producers and distributors.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Business Man Movie Review      Top
Maheshbabu Business manJan 13, Vizag:
Movie: The Business Man
Cast & Crew:
Hero, Heroine: Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal
Director: Puri Jaganadh
Producer: Venkat
Music Director: Thaman S
Actors: Prakash Raj, Shiyaji Shinde, Bhramaji , Naazar, Subba Raju, Dharmavarpu Subramanyam

Prince Mahesh Babu’s Business Man flick with a tag line Guns don’t need agreements opened with 2000 prints all over the world today.

I went to morning show at Jyothy Theatre in Vizag.

Movie starts with Police commissioner (Naazar) telling media that entire Mafia in Mumbai has vanished and city’s crime is at rest. Naazar plays a strict honest police commissioner role.

Next scene is Mahesh Babu (Surya) landing in Mumbai, his friend played by Bhramaji receives him and offers him shelter and tells him that he will soon fetch him a job so that he can settle down in life but Surya says he came to Mumbai not to work but to rule.

He then mocks as a cop and gets his first bounty and then he forms a gang with his intelligent moves and bravery. He then says he will soon become king of Mumbai and needs a queen. He sets eye on commissioner’s daughter (Kajal) and traps her in his love.

Maheshbabu , Kajal He gradually gets close to local politician (Shiyaji Shinde) by helping him and helps his locality people by robbing a bank, grows further into a mass following mafia don.

His advances in crime comes to police commissioner’s (Naazar) notice and when he tries to stop Surya, Surya tells him that he can’t stop him cause his daughter is in love with him and if he arrests him , she will commit suicide.

Later heroine comes to know about Surya’s crime history and tells him that she no more love him. But Surya says he loves her and in one incident he surrenders to police for her but later he kidnaps her to come out.

Police commissioner tries to know Surya’s past and in meanwhile Shiyaji Shinde asks Surya to make him the Mayor of Mumbai by taking out present Mayor who is loyalist of Central Minister ( Prakash Raj) and in this process Surya becomes enemy to Prakash Raj. Prakash Raj tries to kill Surya with help of his Hench man Subba Raju and gang but Surya escapes and kills Prakash Raj men in return.

Later Surya expands his underworld empire to whole nation by recruiting new gang men and puts his candidates against Prakash Raj group in elections and damages his image.

Prakash Raj comes to know about Surya’s past from Police commissioner. Then the rest is about what is Surya's past and about the connection between him and Prakash Raj and how he wins back the Heroines Love.

maheshbabu Mahesh Babu: His performance is an asset to this movie, he took the entire responsibility of running this flick, his mannerism and punch dialogues takes new turn in this movie. His dialogues made audience to raise and whistle many times.

Kajal Agarwal: She plays a normal bubbly cute innocent girl who loves painting and is glamorous. In this flick her action is sexier with her moves and two piece garments in songs.

Highlight is straight lip kiss between Mahesh Babu and Kajal, this is first time for both Mahesh and Kajal to act in a lip kissing scene.

Heroines Friend: Played by Ayesha, her role as heroine’s friend with butler Telugu accent is good.

Bhramaji acting as hero’s friend is good, he a got a good and lengthy character after many days.

Prakash Raj after a longtime (Pokiri) is again seen in that range. Audience felt relieved by not seeing him in his usual father roles. His acting is good.

Shiyaji Shinde, Naazar, Dharmavarpu acting is ok.

Action Sequences
One line Punch Dialogues
Mahesh Babu Action
Screen Play
A little Surprise for audience
Photography by Shyam K. Naidu
Masala Club Song, Swetha Bharadwaj is item girl in this flick and her moves will make men go yo yo..

Hero’s past part is weak and not that convincing
Bank Robbery episode
Hero getting Heroines Love, it’s not convincing
No comedy actors, which will discourage Puri’s fans who expects his Ali, Bhramanandam style comedy.
Music is ok but sounds like copied from previous flicks, only masala song and first song is good.

Revenge in Mafia Style: One Man Show

This is a different try from Puri, should appreciate him for his experiment. The dialogues and screenplay is excellent. Won’t appeal to family audience but will go well with youth.

This flick is a fiesta to Mahesh Babu Fans; Mahesh acting proved once again that he is indeed prince of Tollywood.

Go watch this movie for Mahesh Babu acting, Punch line Dialogues

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Nara Rohit Solo Movie Full Review      Top
Nara Rohit SoloNov 25: Raising Star Nara Rohit and Natural Beauty Nisha Agarwal starring movie “Solo – Solid Love Story” Just finished its first show at Vizag’s V-MAX Theatre.

Movie: Solo – Solid Love Story
Banner: Banner: SVK CINEMA
Hero: Raising Star Nara Rohit
Heroine: Nisha Agarwal
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Other Cast: Prakash Raj, Ali, Jayasudha, Sayaji Shinde, MS Narayana and others
Cinematographer: Dasaradhi Sivendra
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Story, screenplay, direction: Parasuram
Fights: Ram- Laxman
Producer: Vamsikrishna Srinivas
Release date: 25/11/2011

Place: Vizag, Time 10:30 AM, VMAX (VV Vinayak's Theatre), My Ticket # [1] H30

The entire theatre compound and surrounding streets are jam packed with fans of Nara Rohit, Nisha Agarwal and Nandamuri Family. College students, both girls and boys are seen most along with elders.

The lights go off and movie begins and a very familiar voice, yes, Voice Over for this movie has been given by Tollywood ace Director Puri Jagannath.

Nara Rohit Puri's voice surprised lot of audience and made them stick to their seat with what’s next…then Puri’s voice introduces you to story and takes you to Bobbili where he introduces us to Prakash Raj, the land Lord of that area and to his huge happy Joint family. The whole place is filled with festive mood, yes today is Birthday of Prakash Raj’s Only Daughter Vaishnavi's (Nisha Agarwal) birthday.

Then enters the cute gorgeous smiling fresh beauty Nisha Agarwal (Vaishnavi), with cute looks in all new fresh look, She is studying medicine at Vizag’s GITAM University and comes to Bobbili for her Birthday Celebrations.

Then comes the entrance of Nara Rohit (Gautam), he is completely different from his earlier Baanam Movie, Teenage College going stylish looks, Rohit is handsome in his all new fresh look.

Then comes the flashback of Gautam (Rohit), Gautam is an Orphan raised in Vizag’s Orphanage and struggles hard cope up with his loneliness and always dreams of getting married to a girl with big family so that he can experience and get love of a big family.

He gets a job as a Software engineer with help of Rao Ramesh (Rao Gopal Rao’s Son) who knows Gautam from his childhood.

When Gautam’s bike is hit by a car driven by Vaishnavi’s friend, Gautam sees Vaishnavi for first time and gets attracted to her and expresses it to his friend (Srinivas Reddy) and says if she has big family, his dream will be fulfilled, noticing this Srinivas Reddy tries to get details of Vaishnavi by disguising as a beggar, this episode leaves audience laughing for a while.

Nara Rohit, Nisha Agarwal Then Gautam and his friends make Srinivas Reddy act as a patient and approaches Vaishnavi’s medical college for treatment, then enters the character of MS Narayana, he plays the role of Orthopedic doctor and professor of Vaishnavi, MS Narayana makes you laugh for sure with his hilarious acting. MS Narayana assigns Vaishnavi and she treats Srinivas Reddy who comes to clinic along with Gautam but they return everyday saying that it’s not cured, Vaishnavi gets doubt about her ability and also Professor humiliates her ability in front of fellow students, Vaishu’s friend tells her that they are lying and one day Gautam and his Srinivas Reddy gets caught by Vaisu and she scolds and says that because of their mindless act she lost her opportunity for medical conference , Gautam( Nara Rohit) tells her the truth and says He loves her, hearing this Vaisu slaps Gautam and warns him and says she doesn’t love him, Later Gautam and his friends warns and beats MS Narayana (Professor) and breaks his hand , this is not serious scene but a cool comedy, MS and Rohit, Srinivas Reddy and gang starts drinking and the comedy here is very nice.

Later MS asks Vaisu to treat him and praises her for her ability and gives her good marks, knowing the real reason behind this Vaisu warns Gautam not to repeat this because she is getting bad name and tells that she will never love him and asks him not to meet her again and leaves but the real twist comes when she was approached by Gautam to come to movie in a saree and after that he won’t see her again , thinking that its true, she agrees and goes to movie but not in a saree and tells Gautam that she is irritated by his act and tries to go out of movie hall in interval but while she is leaving the goons try to rape her and seeing this Gautam bashes them but later lands up in police station, there when SI asks Vaisu to get her family to release her, Gautam says she is orphan and he is everything to her and makes SI release both of them. Vaishu’s feels for first time, Gautam’s caring and love for her and falls for him and their love starts.

But later the real twist begins, Vaishu’s father (Prakash Raj) comes to know about this and take Vaisu away and tells Gautam (Nara Rohit ) that he won’t give his daughter to a orphan and also tells him that he will give his daughter into a big family.

So it is “Hero wants to marry a girl with big family (vs.) Heroines father who want to get his daughter into big family”. (Heroine’s father has his own reasons for this which you have to know by watching the movie)

Rest is how the things go on between Hero, Heroine and Heroine’s father and what finally happens.

In second off, Ali, Shiyaji Shinde, Jayasudha Characters enter, Jayasudha plays role of Prakash Raj’s sister. Ali plays the role of a marriage broker and leaves you laughing.

Nara Rohit Nisha Agarwal (Vaishnavi), with cute looks appears in all new fresh look, she is very cute and her acting is very nice, especially her scenes where she confronts her father and hero. Her sentiments dialogues will keep you stick to screen.

Nara Rohit (Gautam), he is completely different from his earlier Baanam Movie, Teenage College going stylish looks, Rohit is handsome in his all new fresh look.

Event though it is his first commercial movie , and second flick, his acting is like a experienced actor, his dialogues and body language is very good, even though he has to improve a little with dance moves, he showed the audience that he is capable of all round performance in this movie.

Prakash Raj is as usual very good with acting in his role as Heroines Father.

Jayasudha role and acting will definitely attract all parents in this movie; she has done 100% justice to her role.

The main and hilarious part is Comedy acting of Ali, MS, Swapnika (heroines Friend) and Srinivas Reddy. Srinivas Reddy acting, comedy is seen in new heights, he got a major role and keeps audience laughing throughout the movie.

The new girl (Swapnika) who plays Heroines friend comedy acting is very nice, scenes where she interacts with Hero (Nara Rohit) and his friend Srinivas Reddy is simply hilarious, will for sure keep you laughing and is very appealing to young audience.

Ali’s comedy which comes in second half as a marriage broker will keep audience laughing for a while.

Sentiment scenes between Prakash Raj, Jaya Sudha, Nara Rohit and Nisha Agarwal will make you stick to screen, the sensible and heart touching dialogues will really stay in your heart for a long time.

Music is very good, Mani Sharma music is asset to this movie, All songs are very nice, with nice choreography and cinematography. Songs are mix of Youthful, Melody and Mass.

‘Singapore Singapore’ Mass Song with Mumaith Khan will for sure make men of all ages go crazy, Mumaith Khan is very sexy.

Shiyaji Shinde, Ranganadh action is short lived but good.

This is all round movie entertainer for both Youth and Family, Nice youthful scenes, Very nice Comedy and excellent family love sentiment with excellent songs and photography.

This movie will not make you feel watching a new Hero, Heroine, Producer movie, very nice and sincere effort by director Parusuram, Nara Rohit, Nisha Agarwal and producer Vamsikrishna.

Go watch this Movie with your Friends and also with your family, you will come out with a pleasant feeling.

Overall Rating: 3.85 out of 5

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Madata Kaajaa Bags Average Talk       Top
Madata kaajaaSep 30: Allari Naresh's new flick 'Madata Kaajaa bagged average talk from critics and fans.

'Madata Kaajaa' was released yesterday all over the world. This flick is directed by Dantuluri Sita Rama Raju who has vast experience in Tollywood as Assistant and Co-director for various hit movies, this is his first movie as director.

Allari Naresh is as usual and Sneha Ullal is very cute and bubbly in this movie. Comedy by JayaPrakesh Reddy is very nice in this flick. Ali, Dharmavarpu and Vennela Kishore added their part to comedy in this flick.

Many audience are saying that this movie looks like combination of 'Mirapakaya' and 'Don Seenu' movies, of course here in Madata Kaajaa there are no serious action stunts but is filled with comedy.

Director's taking , photography, screen play is good for a low budget film like Madata Kaajaa. Many are saying that Director Sita Ramraju's direction of this movie is good but lacks freshness as he followed today's top directors style but many are saying that producer KK Radha Mohan and distributors will get their share of profits with this Madata Kaajaa minimum guarantee.

Vasant's music is above average in this movie.

Go watch this movie if you like usual Allari Naresh Comedy and Sneha Ullal's beauty and comedy by JayaPrakesh Reddy and Ali.

courtesy: YouTube

Siddharth, Nitya Menon's 180 bags Hit Talk      Top
Telugu Movie 180June 25: Siddharth new flick '180' starring curly beauty Nitya Menon and Priya released today and got a good talk.

Banner: Sathyam Cinemas & Aghal Films
Cast: Siddharth, Nithya Menen, Priya Anand, Geetha, Tanikella Bharani, Mouli, Janaki Sabesh
Music: Sharreth
Cinematography: Balasubramaniem
Direction: Jayendra

Viewers said that it is decent love story with heart touching scenes and incidents.

Movie's main storyline is 'Fear of Death'. It's all about Hero Siddharth (Manu in the movie) who comes to India and tries to do all good things and meets a photo journalist (Nitya Menon) who falls for him due to his kind heart and good things he does to society. And then the story takes different course, Manu decides to leave to US without informing Nitya and then Nitya meets with an accident and Manu stays back to take care of her and then his flashback reveals, Manu is a doctor with a wife (Priya Anand ) in US. Manu founds that he has cancer and leaves his wife and US to India. Manu decides to take Nitya to US for treatment. And the rest is does Manu lives and who gets Manu's love , Nitya or Priya.

The story of this movie has traces of Shahrukh Khan's 'Kal Ho Naa Ho'. In Kal ho Naa Ho, hero finds out that he has heart problem, he goes to US and tries to do all good things, wins preety's heart and then his flashback in 180 hero finds out he has cancer, moves to India, does good things wins Nitya's heart..does it look similar friends???

Anyways Siddharth performance is excellent, he proved that he can act in any kind of role. Nitya, Priya are cute.

The director Jayendra who comes from Advertisement background has tried his best to do justice for this movie by incorporating ecxellent photography, technology.

One can watch this movie till end without getting bored, though the movie gets little slow in second half , the romance part, the photography and technical excellence keeps you glued to the screen.

Verdict: Go and watch this movie friends, for Siddhartha's excellent acting and Nitya Menon, Priya Anand cute and sweet performance and for photography, I feel this flick goes well withn A center audience.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5    Review by Sam@BOV

Allu Arjun's Badrinath Movie Review    back to Top
Badrinath Movie June 10, 2011: Allu arjun's Badrinath co starring Tammana released today with huge hype and fan following. Today Allu Arjun inagurated VV Vinayak's new Movie Theatre V-MAX and watched Badrinath which is the first film to be played V-MAX.

Banner : Geetha Arts
Cast: Allu Arjun, Tamanna, Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh Rao, Kelly Dorji, Ashwini Kalsekar, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Sayaji Shinde, Kalyani, Kovai Sarala, Krishna Bhagavan and others
Music Director: M M Keeravani
Cinematography: S Ravi Varman
Producer: Allu Aravind
Director: V V Vinayak
Release date: 10/06/2011

Tamanna, Allu ArjunStory: The stroy revolves around a girl Alakanada (Tamanna) who love Badrinath (Allu Arjun) and Badrinath's word given to his master and protecting the temple. Badrinathi (Allu Arjun) is main student of Bheeshma (Prakash Raj), who is a master of Indian ancient martial arts. Badrinath grows up into a strong fighter under Bheeshma's rigorous training. He will be appointed as the protector of Badrinath temple. Alakananda (Tamanna), an atheist comes to Badrinath along with her grandfather. Badri comes to know that Alakananda is in trouble from Sarkar. Alakananda slowly realizes the greatness of Lord Badrinath and turns a devotee. She also falls in love with Badri who doesn't reciprocate to her love. Bheeshma decides to make Badri his successor by handing over the responsibility of his academy. For that Badri has to remain bachelor forever. Alakananda wants to get Badri at any cost and Bheeshma takes a word from Badrinath that he would take up his duties as a true successor to him. So how and who wins? How Badrinath does overcome this situation is the story?

Allu Arjun: acting , his dilouge delivery, mannerisms are same as in every film despite his unusual costumes and hairstyle. His dances and fights are highlight.
Tamanna: She is feast for her fans in this movie with her glamours skin show.
Prakash Raj: is okay with his usual dilouge delivery but his makeup is pretty bad.
Kelly Dorjee: is wasted.
Comedy Actors is ok but not great, Raghubabu, Bhramanadam, Tanikalabharni tried their best but screen play is not good and doen't entertain fans much, I can say they are wasted in this movie.

Plus Points:
Allu Arjun Dances and Fights, his dance moves are amazing, he is truly best dancer in Tollywood
Tamanna skin show and moves, one can see Tamanna in new glamour avatar in this movie
Photography of Songs and Backdrop by Ravi Varman is excellent.

Minus Points:
Screenplay and Script writing doen't have the zing thing.
Lack of freshness in entertainment.
Poor second half and dull ending.

Vedict: I went to watch Badrinath morning show with huge expectations cause I like VV Vinayak's taking, Allu Arjun's Dances and milk beauty Tamanna. Movie started with Prakesh Raj entrance and then Allu Arjun's devotional Song and Tamanna entrance with lovely picturesque Himalayan back drop, hatsoff to excellent cinematography by Ravi Varman and good sets and the backdrop.

Then the movie take different route, with song after song and with heavy fighting scenes. I felt boring with screenplay and direction, I felt something missing in this movie which usually VV Vinkay's movies have. Comedy is boring, Bhrami and other top comedians in this movie are wasted. Prakash Raj getup as old man irritates, they tried to copy Lord of the Rings Wizard Gandalf's getup but it didn't worked on Prakash Raj.

However, despite the action effort by Allu Arjun and the skin show by Tamanna, the film is quite torturous to watch given a regular script with 'fundamentalist' overtones and songs inserted in unnecessary places.

Director VV Vinayak's effort this time failed to impress Allu Arjun fans.

Conclusion: Badrinath doesn't impress. Die hard fans of Allu Arjun can watch it for his dances and Tamanna's glamours skin show.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5    Review by Sam@BOV

Ravi Teja Veera Review    back to Top
veeraMay 22, Vizag: Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja Veera opened with high hopes and big collections on fisrt day but from second day I doubt it. Ok, lets take a look at Movie Veera, which is a prestigious project for Ravi Teja as it is the highest budget film so far in the Star's career. I went for morning show to be the fisrt to write review but my expecations from a Ravi Teja film totally diminished after watching this fick.

Banner: Sanvi Productions
Cast: Ravi Teja, Taapsee, Kajal , Shyam, Roja, Nasser, Brahmanandam, Ali, Venu Madhav, Divya Vani, Krishnudu
Music: S Thaman
Cinematography: Chota K Naidu
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Story, screenplay, direction: Ramesh Varma
Producer: Ganesh Indukuri
Release date: 20/05/2011

Police Officer ACP Shyamsunder (Shyam) is a honest police officer who dares and tries to arrest local don (Rahul Dev) and gets into trouble.

Due to threats from Don, police department provides security to Shyam's family and that protection officer is Veera (Ravi Teja)and gets closer to shyam's family but shyam's wife doesn't like Veera.

Aikey (Taapsee) who likes Veera and tries to get him. Tiger (Brahmi) will be a hurdle between them.. The story takes a turn when Shyam discovers that Veera is not the real security officer. Who is Veera? Why does he come to help Shyam and his family? What happens to Aikey's love story? All this forms the rest of the story.


taapseeRavi Teja: He is as usual energetic and gave intense performance. His acting is similar to his past movies. We can say he has lived his character in this movie.
Taapsee: In this movie Taapsee looks glamour's and has done extra work with excessive skin show, which will be a feast to her fans.
Kajal: She looks energetic and rustic in this movie and as usual looks cute and glamour's. She has done justice to her role.
Bramhanandam: Bharmi has done a role as Tiger, his comedy is ok but the comedy in this movie looks childish, director somewhat fails to use full potential of Bhrami.
Shyam: He is a good fit for his role as police officer in this flick, He has done justice to his role which is short lived.
Sridevi: She looks cute but her acting could have been better, in some episodes her face expressions miss the situation.

Divya Vani role is un appealing , Pradeep Rawath is ok with usual loud voice in this movie, Rahul Dev plays his usual muscle macho villain role. Brahmi's comedy was childish, director fails to get full potential out of him. Bhrami could have used his experience to mould his role. Venu Madhav was okay, Nasser was ok with his natural acting.

Ravi Teja acting
Photography of this movie is excellent. Songs choreography and photography is good.
Taapsee hot and glamorous role, Kajaal's cute and mass action.

Week script and direction
Outdated story
Dragged and boring screen play, mainly in second half.
Music by Taman is boring and dull with same tunes in all his movies, one will get easily bored listening to these tunes.

kajal veeraThis movie which is a high budget movie of Ravi Teja career fails to deliver the punch. Movie story is outdated, week and dragging. Direction is disaster. Scenes look dragging and boring. Comedy is dull and childish. Only thing which hardcore fans of Ravi Teja may like in this movie is his energy filled acting and hot skin show of Taapsee and glamour's and energy filled acting of Kajal. Photography is ok. Music by Taman is boring and dull with same tunes in all his movies, one will get easily bored listening to these tunes.

This movie on a whole fails to make audience stick to their seats with eyes fixed on screen. One will easily feel bored watching outdated story, dragged scenes and overacting characters.

One will feel bored and gets tired of watching it.

Ravi Teja this time fails to deliver what his fans always expect from this Mass Maharaja.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5    Review by Sam@BOV

100% Love Movie Review    back to Top
100% love movieMay 06, Vizag: Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Tamanna, KR Vijaya, Vijay Kumar, Dharmavarapu, MS Narayana, Naresh, Anand, Tara Alisha, Chitram Seenu, Satyam Rajesh, Tagubothu Ramesh, Praveen.
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Venkata Prasad
Art: Prakash
Editor: Sreenivasa Karthik
Presents: Allu Arvind
Story - Direction: Sukumar
Producer: Bunny Vaas

Movie review

Balu (Naga Chaitanya) is a bright student and always tops in ranks. Maha Lakshmi (Tamanna) is maradalu of Balu and she comes from village and stays in Balu's house to do her graduation in the same college where Balu studies. Balu is possessed by ego which generally every state rankers have. His concentration on studies gets disturbed with the entry to Maha Lakshmi as she starts dominating him over a period of time. Differences and ego clashes between Balu and Maha Lakshmi begins. In the meantime their grandparents get separated. The rest of the story is all about how Balu and Mahalakshmi realize that they are made for each other.

Artists Performance
Naga Chaitanya: Naga Chaitanya who has done the role of an intense lover in Yem Maya Chesavo follows it up with a fun-filled character of Balu in 100% Love. His book worm looks with spectacles suited the character very well. He lived in his character for him. His accent is has changed a bit in this film.

Tamanna: Tamanna looks cute in this movie. Her traditional hairdo and modern outfits is gorgeous in the latter part of the movie, She has done justice to her role in this movie.

Others Actors:
KR Vijaya and Vijay Kumar did the role of grandparents. Children part entertains you will their mischief and innocence acting. Satyam Rajesh comedy is good. MS Narayana did character of college principal. Anand and Tara Alisha are good as other pair. Naresh and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam did justice to their part.

Technical departments
nag tamannascreenplay - direction: Looks like Sukumar portrayed his school-day memories all along. First half of the movie is college life and is portrayed in a realistic and entertaining way. Director brought the family angle in the second half to make it appeal to all movie goers. The basic conflict of this movie is driven by the complexity of the male lead. Heroine character that enters as a nobody into the life of hero starts getting mature, intelligent, magnanimous and sexy as the story progresses. Screenplay penned by J Hari Prasad is nice. story is narrated from point of views of both hero and heroine.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is excellent. All songs are good. Photography of 'diyyalo song is good'. Movie would have been more eye-catching if the visuals are more vibrant . Editing is fine.
Listen to 100% Love Songs

Analysis: First half of the movie is full of fun and comedy. Second half has family orientation and goes on a routine track. This movie is all about little daily differences, stupid things we do and fun. Plus point is creative thinking and music. On a whole, 100% Love is a cool Cinema to beat summer heat with nice entertainment. One can watch it more than once.

BOV Rating: 4 out of 5

Courtesy: tv9 youtube

Nenu Naa Rakshasi Movie Review    back to Top
nenu na rakshasi movie Cast: Rana Daggubati, Ileana, Abhimanyu Singh, Subba Raju, Ali, Mumait Khan
Direction: Puri Jagannath

Movi Review : Jagannath is a talented director, who has given Tollywood some great films like "Pokiri, "Badri" and "Desamuduru". So, when he decided to pick suicide as a subject in his latest, "Nenu Naa Rakshasi", he created quite a buzz. One can't help but go to watch his films with certain expectations. But all in vain. He took an interesting subject, handled it recklessly and came up with a mindless, cheap and predictable flick.

Abhi (RaNa) is a sharp shooter and a professional killer, who murders for money. Meenakshi (Ileana) who works in a coffee shop, has a dark side to her. She shoots the final moments of people wishing to end their lives and uploads those videos on the Internet.

Inevitably, Abhi falls in love with her at first sight, While he is romancing her in dream song sequences, a police officer (Subbaraju) is on the quest to find the person who is uploading these suicide videos on the Internet.

Then enters the villain Ratna (Abhimanyu Singh), who wants to take revenge on Abhi, who killed his father and brother. The scene shifts to Venice for a song and a climax.

There is no coherence in the confusing story and nothing matches up. You never know why the characters are behaving like they do. Puri messed up a serious subject like suicide with his commercial elements.

When it comes to performances, every actor gets better with every film. But in RaNa's case, it's the opposite. While he did a decent job in his first film, he fails as an actor in "Nenu Na Rakshasi." His face betrays all emotions and he has a wooden expression throughout. His dance moves are awkward too. Only his height and good looks work for him. He needs to take up stories that suit his personality. Ileana, meanwhile is pure eye-candy. She looks so stunning throughout the movie that one can overlook her average acting skills.

It is a pity to see a top director like Puri come up with a crass comedy track with Ali. Some dialogues make you cringe in embarrassment. Subba Raju and Abhimanyu Sigh are good in their roles. Mumait Khan adds a touch of glamour with her short stint.

The saving gracing of this movie is the music. The songs are hummable and the locations are easy on the eye.

Final verdict is that this is the kind of film that tests the audience's patience.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Dum Maaro Dum Movie Review    back to Top
Dum Maaro DumArtists (Cast) : Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu
Prateik Babbar, Rana Daggubati, Aditya Pancholi, Harry Key.
Producer : Rohan Sippy
Director : Rohan Sippy
Music Director : Pritam Chakraborty

A classic treat after a long time. A thriller to keep the audience guessing till the end. Memorable performance from all the actors and might be a turning point for the career of Abhishek Bachchan. The movie "Dum Maro Dum" is all this and more. The star cast of the movie is impressive and includes big names such as Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone, Prateik Babbar, Rana Daggubati and Aditya Pancholi. Abhishek plays the role of ACP Vishnu Kamath who is running from his own past. When he is assigned the ruthless job of uprooting the drug mafia from Goa, he learns the hard way that nothing is what it seems.

Bipasha Basu plays the role of Zoe, a Goanese air hostess. Rana Daggubati portrays the character of DJ Joki, a local musician who is a victim of the local drug mafia and has his life shattered. It remains to be seen if he can rise against them. The character of Lorsa Biscuta or more popularly, Biscuit is being played by the veternan actor Aditya Pancholi. The goa based Biscuit is involved with all type of legal/illegal businesses. Kamath is the misery in his life and he is well aware of how to get rid off him. Biscuit turns to the elusive and mysterious king pin of the drug world. What happens next should be checked out at the big screen, but the twist in the end is sure to catch you off guard.

Pritam Chakraborty has directed the music of the movie and has done a good job. The flavor of Konkanee music in the songs are refreshing. The old remix number is alreay creating a stir and Deepika gets the lion's share of the credit due to her sexy gyrating steps. The movie is directed by Rohan Sippy and we are forced to say that the fellow has done a good job. It is a must watch movie.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Mr.perfect Prabhas Mr.Perfect Movie Review & Rating    back to Top
Banner: Venkateshwara Art Creations
Dialogues: Abburi Ravi
Screenplay: Hari
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Vijay K Chakravarthy
Art: Ravinder
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Fights : Peter Heins
Story and directed by: K Dasaradh
Producer: Dil Raju
Release date : 22 April 2011

What's it about!
Vicky (Prabhas) is expert in gaming software and lives in Australia with his friends. He hates adjustments in life and thinks that one shouldn't sacrifice one's comforts for others but his father (Nassar) tells him to adjust in life to get more contentment in life. His father asks him to get married to Priya (Kajal Agarwal), his friend's daughter, when he comes down to India for his sister's marriage. Vicky agrees to see Priya for 10 days closely - sort of dating - and then will let them know his decision. Priya also reluctantly agrees. Their relationship begins on negative note but soon they hit off well and fall in love. When everything is going well, Vicky drop a bomb that he is not in favor of marrying Priya as she has sacrificed all her personal likings for him, leaving Priya in shock. Vicky meets Maggie in Australia and starts dating her. Fate brings Priya to Australia and how Vicky changes his perception towards life and relationships forms the rest of the drama.

Should a guy select a girl who thinks and behaves like him as life partner or should he prefer a girl who cares for him and is ready to adjust to his lifestyle ( Neela Alochinche Ammayi Kaavala, Neekosame Alonchinche Ammayi Kaavala )?

Mr. Perfect deals with this and director Dasaradh has definitely picked up good plot line to weave a good romantic entertainer. As a director, he succeeds in handling the movie entertainingly to the most part though many of the scenes are so predictable. With cool visuals, youthful lead actors and some good music, he makes the film a good entertainer. The film's major strength lies in it's the great onscreen chemistry between - Prabhas and Kajal. They look almost like a real life couple.

The film's screenplay writer Hari has used all the tricks and plot devices that we normally see in these kind of romantic entertainers targeted at family audiences. So Mr.Perfect doesn't offer any novelty, only thing is that it makes us to sit through without complaining. You can easily guess what is going to happen next, and you can even predict the arrival of Tapsee in the second half and that hero would definitely chose the right girl in the end. Everything is guessable but the catch here is 'packaging'. Mr.Perfect scores in packaging, thanks to director Dasaradh and producer Dil Raju. Performances

Prabhas looks cool in the role of a confused youth but his dialogue delivery is contrived as a posh guy. But his screen presence with Kajal is charming. As a village belle with strong individuality, Kajal steals the show. In the first half of the movie, the film completely works because of her presence. Tapsee in very small role is cute and she has dubbed her own voice, which is right for her character that is born and brought up in Australia. Of the other cast members, Nassar gets full marks in the role of Prabhas's father. Prakash Raj has nothing much to do. So are Shayaji Shinde and K Vishwanath . Brahmandam's comedy doesn't work.

The film has stunning visuals and carries cool and bright color pattern throughout the movie in sync with the theme. Cameramen Vijay Chakravarthy has been following the same pattern in all his films - Bommarillu, Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam , etc. Though the visuals are pleasant, as a cameraman he is not bringing much variety.

Dialogues are pretty good (by Abburi Ravi ). Devi Sri Prasad has rehashed his old tunes but they are effective on the screen and enhanced the mood of the movie. Editing is neat.

Director Dasaradh 's success lies in its presentation. There are his trademark styles - strong characterization of heroine, some bhavukatha, and thought provoking one-liners here and there. Producer Dil Raju has thrown in huge budget to look the movie look cool. Bottom-line!

Mr.Perfect can be watched with your family and friends for its neat narration with right casting (especially the jodi of Prabhas and Kajal), good music, and cool visuals. The movie scores big on packaging than novelty. Director Dasaradh has come up with a winner after long time as it would definitely appeal to youth and family audiences. It resembles to several of other super hit romantic dramas, and uses all the tricks but still it works, for its packaging.

Rating: 3.25/5


Name: Sai Ramesh
Location: Vizag, AP, India
Movie Name: Gabbar Singh
Review:  Super Duper Hit I m giveing the rating is 4.
Date: 11/05/2012

Name: Satya
Location: Vijayawada, AP, India
Movie Name: Business Man
Review:  I will give 4/5 rating for this movie, Mahesh performance is superb in this movie.
Date: 19/01/2012

Name: Prasad
Location: Kadapa, AP, India
Movie Name: Mr.Perfect
Review:  Mr.perfect this apt 4r prabhas...He's looking cool
Date: 24/05/2011

Name: Santosh
Location: Hyderabd, AP, India
Movie Name: Nenu Naa Rakshasi
Review:  This is one of the worst movie from Puri till date. Rana acting is poor. He is better in Leader, he should choose movie like that not this kind of movies. Ileana is cute and sexy, little comedy from Ali and Mumiat Khan is ok. On a whole I can say its waste of money and time to go to theater to watch this movie.
Date: 02/05/2011

Name: Sampath
Location: Hartford, CT, USA
Movie Name: Teenmaar
Review:  Movie is good and entertaining. Music is very nice.
Date: 18/04/2011

Name: Raja
Location: MVP Colony, Vizag
Movie: Teenmaar
Review: this is one of the watchable movie of the past few months.good entertainment.
Date: 20/04/2011

Name: Ravi
Location:Shivaji Palem, Vizag
Movie: Teenmaar
Review: Pawan Kalyan Rocks ! Teenmaar is kool. I liked the action of Pawan, his dances, dialogues. Music is pretty nice. Trisha and Krithi are wow! This is a super hit for Pawan after Jalsa ! Go watch the movie today! Pawan Kalyan Rocks!
Date: 20/04/2011    back to Top

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