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Wonder Rock Tubs at Buddhist Settlements, Thotlakonda, Vizag
Thotlakonda rock tubs
Jul 07, Vizag: 15 km from Vizag city on the Bheemili beach road lies a hillock overlooking the sea at an elevation of 128 mts. above the sea level. On this hill is an ancient Buddhist settlement complex, Thotlakonda ('Thotlakonda' means hill with tubs dug in hard rock) discovered by Indian Navy aerial survey in years 1988 - 1993. These complexes consist of several water tubs constructed digging hard rock. They were dug or constructed during 300 BC (2311 years ago ) as per carbon dating conducted by archeological department

Wonder that exists at these complexes is water remaining in one of the rock tub throughout the year, even in hot summer. Remaining all tubs will dry up in summer but one tub will be always filled with water. Amazing thing to notice is its bottom is hard rock with no water in lets but still this tub won't dry out.

This phenomenon is noticed at not only this complex but at every other Buddhist complexes in the area such as Bavikonda etc...

This is amazing, I have been following and visiting these places per past few years now and I see the same, one rock tub is always filled with water while remaining all dries up.

Friends this is really amazing, please don't miss to visit this place in your next visit to Vizag.

Monsoons Arrives in Vizag: July 4th

Photo: Enchating, Beautiful Nature in Morning Mist!
Naute in morning mist

Photo: Solitary Girl in the fields!
Solitary girl in fields

Photo: Excellent view of Vizag Beach with clouds above
Vizag Beach
Sent to us by Aditya Abburi, June 21, 2011

Photo: Aerial view of Vizag Beach Road from Kailasgiri Hill
Beach road from Kailashgiri
Sent to us by CH. Srinivas Yadav, June 20, 2011

Photo: Aerial view of Vizag Fishing Harbour area and Beach Road
Vizag Port beach road
Sent to us by PR. Santhosh, June 18, 2011

Photo: Vizag Tennati Park, Kailash Giri Hill, Near MVP Colony, Vizag
Tennati Park, Vizag
Sent to us by SVS. TRINADH, June 17, 2011

Photo: Aerial view of Vizag-Bheemili Beach Road from Kailashgiri Hill.
Vizag Beach road aerial View from Kailasha giri hill
Sent to us by Manogna Reddy, June 17, 2011

Photo: Vizag VUDA Park Light House VUDA Park Light House
Sent to us by Mahendra Patnaik, June 11, 2010 Photo was edited by Sender
to have Vooda Look.